About Us

Cute Graffiti is a young British brand with a contemporary take on Children's clothing. Launched in January 2012, it embraces individuality and creativity by focusing on strong and bold hand drawn designs and rocking slogans.

Dedicated to ethical production. Social criteria is closely controlled. 

Cute Graffiti threads are made for kids.. not by kids.

All our garments are made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton. And why use organic cotton? Because we believe it is an important part of protecting our planet and protecting ourselves.

What makes organic cotton better than conventional cotton, is that it is grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. Crops are not treated with nasty pesticides,insecticides and herbicides. These toxins used in conventionally grown cotton are so harmful to farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems. 

To us it makes sense to want the purest softest cotton next to your child's skin, and by choosing organic, you are making a step towards protecting the world they are growing up in. 



For more information, press or wholesale opportunities contact us at: info@cutegraffiti.com